Questions to Ask When Hiring a Concrete Contractor

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Whenever you are choosing a concrete contractor, it is vital to prepare a list of questions. It’s almost the same as visiting a medical professional to address a health condition.  

If you want to guarantee that the contractor you’re going to hire is an excellent match for your project, you’ve got to carefully ask important questions. In addition to that, you can also differentiate professional contractors and inexperienced ones if you ask a range of questions.  

Whether you’re hiring a concrete contractor for stamped concrete or concrete pavers Scottsdale project, here are several questions that you have to ask: 

Do You Hire Other People to Do the Job? Will You Be the One Handling the Project? 

It is vital to know how many individuals will be working on your house or building. It’s also important that you know who will be managing the project. The contractor might be lacking in organization or experience if they don’t have a clear answer on this. It’s time to look for another one. 

Will You Reinforce Concrete Using Rebar? 

If you want to examine the knowledge of the contractor, asking this question is extremely important. The contractor should clarify to you if the expected pressure and weight of objects on your project validate a need for rebar reinforcement.  

Are There Permits Required for My Project? 

Possibilities are the contractor offers subpar work or is lacking in experience if he is not knowledgeable about the process of permitting and what permits may be needed for the project.  

How Long Will the Project Take? 

The project should only take 2 up to 3 days if it is a minor one, such as a driveway. On the other hand, it might take 1 up to 2 weeks if the project is extensive, such as commercial sidewalks around the building, concrete counters, concrete walls, and much more.  

How Soon Will You Start the Project? Do You Have a Schedule? 

A concrete contractor probably has a busy schedule if they are really excellent at what they do. You’ve got to ensure that the contractor you hire can meet the deadline if you are anticipating a fast turnaround.  

Can You Offer References? 

This is an excellent question if the contractor can’t provide photos of past jobs. You might want to look for a person who’s proud of his job and brags happy past customers if your prospective contractor is hesitant to provide contact details for previous customers.  

Can You Show Me Photos of Your Past Jobs? 

If you meet the concrete contractor in person, a lot of them will be able to show you photos on their phone of past jobs. A couple of them might even give you a site that contains a digital portfolio of their previous work.  

What Kinds of Projects Have You Done?  

While utilizing sites to read reviews on local concrete contractors is ideal, you shouldn’t be shy about asking questions to the contractor whenever you meet or call them. This will ensure that his company is an ideal one for the project.  

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